Wendy John-Chuan

Start Up

Launching a new business is exciting, but your focus needs to be on finding and servicing clients. You need to concentrate on innovation and creativity, not on doing the books. With CWC Resources you can get the support you need with the entire back office function – all that tedious administration, bookkeeping, human resources and even the IT challenges – giving you the freedom to do what you’re good at.

Why choose external support?
It may seem an unnecessary expense, but if you want your business to succeed it’s a wise move to do a bit of forward planning.
You’ll get the advice you need to create an operating structure that helps you to see where you’re going – and enables you to get there quicker.
Using CWC Resources will give you an expert level of advice and support at an affordable price. As your agency grows we’ll be there to help every step of the way.

Financial Control

As your company grows and flourishes you’ll need more hands-on help with the day-to-day financial health of the company. Every business is different and your particular niche needs specialised knowledge.

When you give CWC Resources the responsibility for your financial control, we will:
Ensure all of your ledgers are reconciled.
Manage and control cash flow to ensure your money is in your bank, not that of your suppliers and clients.
Ensure there are robust financial systems that run smoothly.

Financial Direction

CWC Resources have the financial expertise and industry knowledge to ensure your vision stays in sharp focus. With an experienced Finance Director available when you need financial support you’ll have access to a level of expertise that would normally be beyond the budget of a small agency. A Finance Director will help you to:
Enable you to plan your team’s growth with the right skills at the right time to keep you at the leading edge.
Create checkpoints and monitor key performance indicators to help you stay on track. We know your industry and the ratios you should be achieving.
Establish your financial targets and create a plan to achieve them.

Management Information

It’s important to know whether you’re making a profit or not, but detailed management accounts and budgets can tell you much more about your financial health. CWC Resources will provide detailed management accounts in your language. With CWC you’ll have management accounts with a level of information that is not normally available to small businesses. We’ll spend time interpreting them with you and providing the advice you need to make the right decisions for the future.

What difference does it make?
If you understand what your management information is really saying you can take action to improve your business and move towards your goals faster and more effectively.
Tiny tweaks to the way your finances operate can make a big difference to your cash flow and profitability.
We provide a financially qualified set of eyes that also thoroughly understands the marketing communications business and can be proactive in making suggestions to improve.


Bookkeeping is a necessary evil. It’s frustrating, distracting and counter-productive when you’re trying to focus on your clients. With CWC Resources managing your bookkeeping it gets done, efficiently and professionally. A bookkeeper will help you to create a system that takes as much of the pain and irritation out of the paperwork as possible.

Our bookkeeping service offers:
Expenses, incoming payments, bills due to be paid and all those small, but essential financial details will be kept in control, accurately and on time.
If you’d prefer someone in your administration team to do this, we can show them how to set up efficient processes, mentoring and training them as needed.
Alternatively a bookkeeper from CWC Resources comes with a wealth of experience behind them, and a team to turn to if necessary.


When procurement negotiation is taking your eye off your core business, you can use our extensive knowledge and experience of procurement negotiations with your clients.

Our procurement services will enable you to:
Stay focused on delivering the creative work without being diverted by the stress of negotiating fees.
Maintain a strong relationship with your client as you hand over the negotiations to CWC Resources, just as a large agency would to the finance department.
Have access to the information you need to create the best agreements for both parties.